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The NCEDA has developed an Australian Desalination Research Roadmap to guide research direction and investment. The Roadmap provides a clear picture of Australia’s water needs and opportunities for desalination research. It points the way forward for targeted research activity and thereby guides the Centre and its Participating Organisations in delivering the Centre’s mission.

The purpose of a Research Roadmap

A research roadmap is a planning tool developed through a consultative process where stakeholders are actively engaged in mapping the current state of technology and service delivery in a particular industry and correlating this against aspirational goals for that industry. The resulting map then guides researchers and institutions in their activities by prioritising research that will best deliver the desired incremental and disruptive improvements in technology and process to achieve new and higher levels of service delivery, product quality, and sustainability.

In addition to determining the technology needs to allow desalination technologies to be successfully implemented, the Roadmap also provides Centre Participating Organisations and collaborators with knowledge management of desalination technology development. By regularly updating this Roadmap, the Centre will track national and international research activity, providing valuable information into research direction for Centre members.

How the Roadmap drives research

The Centre Board will base research investment on the strategy formulated in the Roadmap, in order to best address identified and validated national research priorities for the Centre. The Roadmap delivers a clear picture of Australia’s water needs and desalination technology gaps.  From these, opportunities for desalination research were collaboratively developed, refined, and validated.

A key evaluation criterion for the Centre’s research projects will be alignment with this Roadmap. Priority Research Themes detailed in the Roadmap represent recommended areas of investment by the Research Advisory Committee for research investment decisions by the Centre’s Board.

Download the Roadmap

Download the Australian Desalination Research Roadmap (PDF format, 78 pages, 3 MB).

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