Reverse osmosis desalting

Enormous advances in membrane technology have resulted in the maturation of brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis (BWRO and SWRO) to the point where it is considered the benchmark method for the industry.

These were the primary research areas:

  1. Anti-fouling technologies and membranes and oxidantresistant membranes;
  2. New membrane materials that reduce operating pressure while maintaining or increasing flux rates and maintaining ion rejection;
  3. Contaminant removal without the need for second-pass RO;
  4. Direct use of renewable energy via kinetic, electrical, or thermal means;
  5. Real-time monitoring and classification of potential foulants; and
  6. Operational optimisation.

RO Desalting

Across the five Priority Research Themes, investment in reverse osmosis desalting research represented 22% of the Centre’s total research investment, with 16 of the 50 projects addressing one or more of these primary areas.

Please see the Programs and Projects for details on individual projects.

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