This Priority Research Theme plays a significant role in maximising the efficiency of the preferred desalting technology. The Centre funded research that would lead to an improved understanding of the relationship between pre-treatment and treatment, and how novel pre-treatment technologies and improvements can reduce fouling and/or scaling of the coupled treatment process.

These were the primary research areas:

  1. Preheating using waste heat or renewable energy and the use of lower-pressure membranes;
  2. Optimal use of chemicals;
  3. Specific issues for pre-treatment in rural and remote areas relating to seasonal and location variability in feedwater composition; and
  4. Characterisation of groundwater and seawater sources and mapping those to best fit desalination technologies.



Across the five Priority Research Themes, investment in pre-treatment research represented 23% of the Centre’s total research investment, with 27 of the 50 projects addressing one or more of these primary areas.

Please see the Programs and Projects for details on individual projects.

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