Focus Topics



The Big Six

Where are Australia’s big desalination plants and how do they compare to each other?


Desal History

Trace the history of desalination in WA from the 1895 Mammoth Water Condenser in the Goldfields to the building of the Binningup Desalination Plant.


What Impact?

Look at the intake and outfall structures of our large seawater desalination plants. What safeguards are put in place to minimise environmental impacts?


Size and Scale

Students will explore the really big and the really small scales involved in desalination. How big is a gigalitre and how small is a nanometre?


World Stage

What is happening around the world in desalination? How does Australia compare? Is desalination the solution to water shortage issues all over the world?



Discover the measures taken to reduce the carbon footprint of our big desal plants.


Why Desalination?

Explore the issues that have led to Perth, and Australia’s other major cities, adopting seawater desalination as a major source of potable water.



Where to Next?

Look at where current research is focused in areas like forward osmosis, nanotechnology and biomimetics. Suited to older students with an interest in Chemistry and/or Physics.


Desalination Applications

A look at where desalination technology is used other than in the big seawater desalination plants.


Membrane Madness

Explore in more detail how membranes are manufactured. See what happens when things go wrong resulting in biofouling and scaling issues.


Dollars and Sense

How much does it cost to produce desalinated water? How does this compare to other potable water sources and competing technologies?


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