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Please note that the Desal Discovery Centre is unable to take bookings for visits or excursions until further notice.

The Desal Discovery Centre (DDC) is an informative water science education centre that has proved a popular destination for school excursions. Adult interest groups, government, water industry and academic stakeholders, as well as interested members of the public have also visited the Centre.

The DDC is based at the Rockingham Desalination Research Facility and provides a purpose-built science and water testing laboratory where visitors can participate in experiments and activities to discover how desalination technologies work. Over 4,000 visitors have been introduced to the fascinating world of water and high-tech water treatment processes and come to understand the role that desalination plays in providing water security in Australia.

Popular features of a visit to the DDC include the viewing a 3D movie that tells the story of the desalination process and a water taste test that can facilitate some interesting discussion around what gives water its taste and why all water doesn’t taste the same. Membranes can also be pulled apart and by identifying all the different components visitors understand how water flows from feed to concentrate and permeate.

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@JamesMcHale Thanks James! 50% of the water in your glass in Perth is desalinated. #Desal is playing a vital part in water security.

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