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Climate Resilient Water Sources (CREWS) web portal is launched

Posted on 30 June 2015

The Bureau of Meteorology has launched the Climate Resilient Water Sources web portal (CREWS), an interactive site providing comprehensive mapping and information of desalinated and recycled water sources for over 350 sites across Australia, both publically and privately owned and operated.

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Why We Need Seawater Desalination Plants

Posted on 15 October 2014

Why we need seawater desalination plants – an opinion piece by Neil Palmer, CEO

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Cheaper seawater desalination

Posted on 31 July 2013

Is there a way we can produce water in Australia from the sea for less than say $US1 per kL? CEO Neil Palmer believes there is.

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Australian Experience in Water and Energy Footprints

Posted on 21 December 2012

Introducing water and energy footprint considerations into decision making provides water managers an opportunity to drive better water and energy efficiency outcomes. In Australia severe water shortages, combined with community concerns with climate change, have driven water managers to look closer at the nexus between water and energy use. The two are closely related and will play an important role in the shape of the water industry in future in Australia and around the world. Nicholas Apostolidis, Director at GHD, provides a snapshot of the energy and water footprints associated with different elements of the water cycle in Australia.

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Desalination plants – and then the rains came!

Posted on 1 November 2012

Australian history powerfully reveals the risks and broad-based costs of reliance on traditional rainfall-dependant sources of water supply. Sharply varying rainfall patterns, apparent new climate trends, and the unprecedented 14-year “millennium drought” across much of Australia, have caused a major rethink of water supply in this, the driest continent.

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What do you do with a desalination plant when it rains?

Posted on 11 October 2012

Despite a few seasons of above average rainfall in most parts of Australia, we still live in the driest nation on the planet. CEO Neil Palmer says that delaying the operation of desalination plants is short-sighted.

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Research shows most Australians accept desalination as necessary for water security

Posted on 24 August 2012

New research shows most Australians accept desalination as a valuable part of the mix augmenting traditional public water supply for water security. Researchers from Deakin, Victoria and Murdoch universities today released their NCEDA-funded report ‘Public Perceptions of, and Responses to, Desalination in Australia’ at a symposium in Melbourne.

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Follow WA’s drought-proofing example, urges national desal expert

Posted on 31 July 2012

Australia’s east coast urban planners and state governments need to hold their nerve on using major seawater desalination plants for effective drought-proofing and not give in to short term politics and vocal minorities.

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The significance of large scale seawater desalination in achieving urban water security

Posted on 29 June 2012

Following a protracted drought, seawater desalination has become a strong component of bulk water supplies for the five Australian mainland state capitals. Neil Palmer, CEO of the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia, addresses common desalination myths.

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World Environment Day: Desalination and Green Energy in Australia

Posted on 5 June 2012

Australia has invested heavily in climate resilient water supply technology, including seawater reverse osmosis desalination and waste water recycling. Construction of the six major urban desalination plants has resulted in massive development of wind farms in Australia, ensuring a secure water supply is always available, but with a very low operating carbon footprint. NCEDA-led research is focussing on ways to reduce carbon footprint in a number of ways by developing renewable sources including solar, waste heat and geothermal energy to power desalination.

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