Seven Years of Research Impact and Innovation

Posted on 2 November 2016

The NCEDA’s seven-year journey has come to an end and the Centre’s research program concluded. The booklet “The NCEDA – Seven Years of Research Impact and Innovation” has been compiled to provide information about each research project and in doing so demonstrate that when Australian scientists, technologists and industry collaborate they can produce world-class outcomes.

The technical work and IP for every NCEDA-funded project is presented in this document, but an essential ingredient has been the global cooperation and leveraging on knowledge, partnerships and alliances.

Over the course of three years, and five funding rounds, a total of 53 research projects were recommended by the Research Advisory Committee and approved for investment by the Board. Three of these projects did not commence due to failed negotiations with industry partners. The combined value of the program was $40.1 million including cash and in-kind contributions from Participating Organisations and partners.

On average, the projects were completed in two years and seven months at an average cost of $757,328. Over 400 people world-wide contributed to the projects and outcomes. Funding as a stipend was provided to over 100 postgraduate students to undertake research activities on the projects.

The NCEDA is proud to present this compilation of its research activities from 2009-2016.

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